• Biometrics and Security

Preprocessing Methods, Feature Extraction, DNA and EEG, Multi-modal Biometric Methods, Medical Analysis, Border Control, Cryptosystems, Speech and Speaker Verification and all other topics on Human Description, Classification, Identification and Recognition; Kansei Engineering, Affective Systems and Human Emotion Measuring Techniques

  • Computer Information Systems

Signal & Image Analysis and Processing, Computer Graphics and Vision, Object Classification and Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Ambient Intelligence, Ubiquitous Systems, Mobile and Pervasive Computing, Security, Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Network Service-oriented Framework and Middleware

  • Classification and clustering with applications

Classification, Clustering, SVM, Neural gas,
Bayesian Models, Neural Networks

  • Geoinformation Science and Technologies

Geovisualization, Spatial Data Analysis, Geoapplication
Development, Geoinformation Science and Technologies,

  • Machine learning and High Performance Computing

Classification, Clustering, Deep Learning, SVM, Bayesian
Models, Code Optimization, Large Scale Data Analysis, Cloud
and Grid Computing

  • Industrial Management and other Applications

Commerce, Engineering Economy and Cost Analysis,
Engineering Education and Training, Global Manufacturing
and Management, Human Factors,
Information Processing and Engineering,
Intelligent Systems, Manufacturing Systems,
Operations Research, Production Planning and Control,
Project Management, Quality Control and Management,
Reliability and Maintenance Engineering, Safety, Security and
Risk Management, Service Innovation and Management,
Supply Chain Management, Systems Modeling and
Simulation, Technology and Knowledge Management, Digital
Twin Engineering.