Nabendu Chaki – Abstract

Title: Berserk Detection in Distributed Ledger Systems

Abstract: Emerging distributed ledger technologies are not based on Proof of
Work or Proof of Stake consensus protocols. Lightweight protocols
based on the voter model are often used. However, these protocols are
fraught with a particular type of Byzantine adversary known as Berserk
adversaries who intend to break the consensus. Besides, the existing
method of Berserk detection involves the exchange of signatures which
requires key servers that are subject to a single point of failure. In
this lecture, the presenter a novel and recent approach to Berserk
detection. Unlike most of the existing methods of detection, the
proposed method does not use signatures for the detection of Berserk
behavior. This opens up the possibility of a more secure distributed
environment, where ensuring anonymity in terms of the identity of nodes
is crucial.